Lvivsoft is a close-knit team of true enthusiasts. As a software development company, we understand all the responsibilities and we care. Through our extended expertise, we deal with challenges and work to provide stress-free solutions for our clients.


Lvivsoft at its core is a group of friends with common interests and goals. It’s more than a “job” to us.

Life brought us together in 2007. We were all working together at one company and for most of us, it has been our first job experience. As like-minded people, we became a strong team.

In 2010 our mother company fused with a bigger entity. This brought along certain changes in corporate policy and culture that did not fit with our vision. So, we left the company.

At some point, after a certain period, we all came to the same perception: we would love to continue working together as a team under the leadership of Serge Kirichenko, our former CEO.

And we did it! We took our first client and things got rolling. Lvivsoft was born. And we keep on rolling ever since, with more and more people getting involved, new clients, new projects, new offices, and new technologies.

In 2013 we entered pharmaceutical marketing. Some of our clients have become market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in their segments and they are still with us today and keen to explore new segments with our assistance.

2014 IP/Telecom industries were a new milestone for us. We have built a whole new product from scratch. The product was launched successfully and we continue supporting and developing it.

The year 2016 was another big step for us as we won a new E-commerce client. For this start-up, we have built an e-commerce solution that has substantially increased its market value. And as result, our client has been bought by one of the world’s biggest players in the e-commerce branch. After the deal was sealed they went on looking for a better supplier only to return to us six months later. Now, five years on they are still with us.  

As for so many businesses around the globe 2020 has been a very tough year for us. Our founder, CEO, and friend Serge Kirichenko passed away. Amongst so many unforeseen challenges and uncertainties, our strategy was to keep our market position, clients, employees, and the quality of our services. And we did it! We managed to withstand the storm and keep our organization intact. We even managed to grow our client base with a few smaller but promising clients. We moved to a bigger office and expanded our staff.   

Today we are a team of 46 dedicated professionals and we still enjoy working together. We are ok with remote work but we still prefer to work together in our offices. We keep on growing and changing together with our clients who have been with us from the very beginning, while our new clients stimulate us to expand our expertise and cope with new challenges. And we stay loyal to our principles and approaches.

Our long-lasting friendship, like-mindedness, and shared vision of our future are what drives us as a team, as an organization.

In the future, we see ourselves as a Full-cycle solutions company with a broad range of expertise and stainless reputation among our clients and employees. We think of developing our own products.

We see our mission in freeing our clients from having to worry about a part of their business processes beyond their specialization, allowing them to focus on making business instead.


Lvivsoft was designed by its founder Serge Kirichenko. He granted us with the recognizable authenticity, which he himself had.