Lvivsoft is a close-knit team of true enthusiasts. As a software development company, we understand all the responsibilities and we care. Through our extended expertise, we deal with challenges and work to provide stress-free solutions for our clients.


Lvivsoft at its core is a group of friends with common interests and goals. It’s more than a “job” to us.


Lvivsoft was designed by its founder Serge Kirichenko. He granted us with the recognizable authenticity, which he himself had.

Serge was a unique person. 

Being a smart and curious kid, interested in computers and programming, he was encouraged by his parents, an army officer and a doctor, to enter a highly secretive Zhytomyr College of Radio-Electronics, specializing in anti-ballistic missile systems (ABM), where he studied advanced technology and computer programming. This step has impacted Sergei’s entire future, when later, as a young army officer he was undergoing an apprenticeship at an anti-ballistic missile system’s launching site near Moscow. Observing how much was being spent on an ABM system he understood that his country was breaching the 1972 ABM treaty, which made him disillusioned with the Soviet system. Sergei tried warning the American Embassy about what he considered as Soviet violations of the 1972 ABM treaty. Unfortunately for him, his correspondence with the American Embassy was intercepted by the KGB. He was trialed, accused of high treason, and then landed in prison, in Perm-35 labor camp in the Ural Mountains, where he had to serve a 10-year sentence. 

More information can be found here and here.

Serge’s main interest was people. He believed in them and always encouraged expressing themselves. And he looked precisely where it would lead to.

Serge deceased in May 2020.